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Be sure to follow Marti Malloy as she competes for World Gold!    The competition can be followed via live feed at  www.ippon.tv   Pool sheets are also updated live at  www.ippon.org Her competition will begin at  10:00 PM (Pacific Standard Time). You can also follow Marti on her personal Blog  at Here  Marti Malloy
Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 Buddhist Tournament.
I am extremely proud of all our athletes that stepped out on the mat today. I am not sure of the final results… but at 5:00 we were in 5th place! Last year we finished 19th. Special thank you to all of our coaches for spending the day in the gym supporting our athletes!
The New CJJudo.com is almost here.
Coming Soon the new CJJudo website that will take off as the best site on the web of all time. .    
Check out the Freezing Cold mats that are here!
How Fast are Modern Olympic Athletes?
Click to see original  Article:   One Race, Every Medalist Ever  


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