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Palo Alto Judo Tournament 2015 coming soon!
Palo Alto Judo Tournament is coming up on  Sunday November 15th. Click Here to download Entry Forms
Ilias Iliadis Judo Clinic at Chuck Jefferson Judo on  Oct  8th,  2015   San Jose, CA
We would like to send a  big  Thank you to Olympic Champion  Ilias Iliadis for visiting our dojo last night.  It was an amazing experience  for everyone involved.     Over 100 Judoka  came out on a Thursday Night  to share the Tatami with one of the best Judo players of all time!   Thank you
San Jose Judo Clubs Get Ready!
Olympic Champion Ilias Iliadis will be here  this Thursday Oct 8th!
Ilias Iliadis is coming to San Jose!
      San Jose Judo Players are in for a treat!  Olympic Gold Medalist and 3 Time World Judo Champion Ilias Iliadis will be coming to our Dojo.  Please contact us to reserve your spot right away!
San Jose Judo Phenom – Marti Malloy  Fights the the World Judo Championships 8/25/15
Be sure to follow Marti Malloy as she competes for World Gold!    The competition can be followed via live feed at  www.ippon.tv   Pool sheets are also updated live at  www.ippon.org Her competition will begin at  10:00 PM (Pacific Standard Time). You can also follow Marti on her personal Blog  at Here  Marti Malloy


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