“Chuck was serious about learning Judo when he first started. He never let other sports interfere with his judo training. It was a pleasure to watch him grow in to a “World Class” competitor. As his first teacher, I am honored that he has decided to teach judo. He has a lot of knowledge to impart to his students.

-Ernie Smith- Head Coach, Barstow Judo Club (Chuck’s sensei for 13 years).

“Chuck Jefferson was a national judo champion, Panamerican champion. He was a great success as a competitor. He has also coached at different camps attended by both of my daughters, Ronda, who was a world and Olympic medalist, and Julia who was only 11 years old. What impressed me most about Chuck is he devoted his attention to BOTH of them. People who can become a judo champion are rare. People who can make every child who walks through the door feel like a champion are rarer still. I would trust Chuck with my own children – in fact, I did. I cannot recommend anyone more highly than that.”

– Dr. AnnMaria Rousey De Mars – World Judo Champion

“My girlfriend came home from work one night and asked me what I thought about putting the kids into Judo, I said sure but I want to make sure they go somewhere were the Sensei knows what he is doing, Chuck happens to shop at the store my girlfriend works at. So I went online and did a search for him, and found nothing but good articles and some awesome videos, so the next week the kids joined Judo at Chuck’s club. After watching my kids practice Judo for about 7 months, I liked it so much I joined myself. It has been a great experience for my kids and myself, we have learned a lot of life lessons already. The other day Jr. slipped in the bathroom and fell, I asked him if he was ok and he said ‘Yea, I did my Judo fall and that’s why I didn’t get hurt.” As someone who works M-F, my favorite days of the week used to be Saturday and Sunday. Now that my kids are into Judo, I can’t wait for Tuesday and Thursday to come around.”

– Jeremy D – Judoka & Father of two

“I’d like to congratulate Chuck Jefferson on the recent opening of his school in San Jose. I’ve had the thrill of watching Chuck compete at high level tournaments since he was a teenager competing in Southern California. Since then, I’ve had the honor and privilege of him teaching clinics and camps on my mats, and I can tell you that my students and I always learn something new. The students of Chuck Jefferson’s Judo are very fortunate to have such a high level instructor with such a passion for teaching in their area.”

-Juan Montenegro, Head Coach- Orange County Judo Training Center & Peruvian National Champion

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