Victory in Sports: Dominance, Not Pride

We see it all the time in sports. But these athletes aren’t expressing pride in victory. They’re demonstrating dominance over their competitor

IJF Rules Video

Below is a link to some videos from a recent  IJF meeting (International Judo Federation), in regards to new rules that will be on trial for the first time at the Paris Grand Slam in February. [...]

Family Judo Classes, San Jose, CA

The family judo class is a great activity for families (children and adults) and its  the perfect way to start your Saturday morning!   Families can enjoy some exercise together in a very fun [...]

Judo Club Rules & Etiquette of Judo

Entering the Mat Leave your shoes at the side of the mat Bow when entering the mat Always wear shoes off the mat Leaving the mat Bow toward the mat when leaving the mat Never leave the mat [...]