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Chuck Jefferson

Chuck Jefferson is a world renowned American Judo player and coach. Judo has taken Chuck around the world, and given him experiences few have. Chuck Jefferson’s Judo has now become the next stage: spread the word about the benefits and rewards of a life in Judo. Chuck began Judo at the age of five, at Barstow Judo club where Sensei Ernie Smith was shaping Bastow youth through foundational Judo. Chuck’s parents noticed a change in the first few month of Judo. Always an energetic kid, Chuck was now more focused, and gained politeness. Chuck’s mother recalls, “Ernie’s influence definitely helped.

Chuck continued the natural path to competition where he began dominating the youth divisions on the national Judo circuit. College coach, and 1987 World Champion, Mike Swain stated “Landing Chuck was a Priority for me. I saw Chuck, an Athlete who was the total package.” Chuck filled his time and the record books at SJSU Judo with Collegiate, and Sr. National, and International medals. He then transitioned into Coaching by becoming the SJSU judo coach, and aiding in designating SJSU Judo as an official USA Judo Training center. But to those who have supported him throughout his career, his accomplishments are much bigger than the medals that are displayed at his home in San Jose.

Time on the mat one of the most experienced Martial arts staff

Chuck has now turned his focus on spreading Judo in his community: “I thought it was the right thing for me at this time. I have 3 boys of my own now, and I want Judo to be part of their life as it was mine. I’m also an adult who needs to stay in shape, and I know how much I can help others who have the same goal. I’ve learned so much over the years, from so many of the greatest senseis and coaches in the world. I look forward to sharing that knowledge with all of my students.”

Chuck has wanted to provide the best possible instruction for the students at CJJ and has brought on a coaching staff with the most experience in martial arts growth. The Coaching staff of CJJ is dedicated to tenants Judo offers.

  • Cori Geier
    Cori Geier

    Cori is a graduate of the SJSU Judo program, a high level competitor and an experienced educator. Cori works with our youth programs and brings her vast Judo knowledge to a new generation.

  • Shozo Fukuda
    Shozo Fukuda

    Shozo’s history is as one of the top collegiate players in the country. He has spent several years traveling the world and coaching the Varsity Judo Program at SJSU.

  • David Torres
    David Torres

    David comes to San Jose by way of Mexico where he has trained since 9 years old. David has collected degree in Kinesiology and applies his knowledge of Judo to give him an unmatched technical prowess.

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