Family Judo Classes, San Jose, CA

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The family judo class is a great activity for families (children and adults) and its  the perfect way to start your Saturday morning!   Families can enjoy some exercise together in a very fun exciting atmosphere.   Students of all ages are welcome as well as parents.  We currently offer the class at least 2 Saturdays per month and there is no charge for parents to join the class.  We encourage all parents to take an active roll and learn a little bit more about judo.  The family judo class is a great way to get involved and burn some calories!

The family class is free for all full time student and families.   Part time students (1 day per week)  can purchase the family membership for just  $15 more per month.   This allows for at least 2 (sometimes 3)  family practice sessions per month.

Take a look at this video to see a little bit more about the family Judo class!

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