Judo Club Rules & Etiquette of Judo

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Entering the Mat

Leave your shoes at the side of the mat
Bow when entering the mat
Always wear shoes off the mat
Leaving the mat

Bow toward the mat when leaving the mat
Never leave the mat without permision from the Sensei (Teacher)
Children must always be accompanied with parents on a bathroom break
Always wear shoes off when off the mat


Always wear a clean Judo Gi
Make sure your body is always clean (especially  your feet).
Keep your fingernails and toenails short
Nevery walk off the mat withour shoes (especially to the bathroom)

How to address the Sensei (teacher)

Children should address the teacher as “Sensei”  or  Sensei followed by name example:
“Sensei Chuck”,   “Sensei Cori”  “Sensei David”
Adults and parents can address the Sensei how ever they are comfortable.  Firs name is perfectly fine 🙂

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